Brentwood, Austin, TX 78756


Brentwood - Location

The Brentwood neighborhood can be found just south of Crestview in Central Austin. It forms a "V" south of Koenig Lane (or 2222) between Burnet Road and Woodrow Avenue. In recent times, this neighborhood has been dubbed "LoBurn" for "Lower Burnet". ;)

Brentwood - Homes

The average sized home in Balcones has approximately 1,300 square feet, and two bedrooms. Development of this community occured primarily in the 1940's and 1950's and, as in most Central Austin neighborhood you'll find plenty of new construction as well. There's an interesting mix of architectural styles including frame bungalows, 50's ranchers and McMansions.

Brentwood - Schools and Amenities

I may have made fun of the moniker "LoBurn", but this area really is an attraction for the neighborhood. Burnet road may be riddled with unsightly phone and utility wiring, but you can't beat it for restaurants, resale shops and other eclectic attractions. Spend a Saturday afternoon on Lower Burnett and you'll see what I mean. This area tracks to Brentwood Elementary, Lamar Middle School and McCallum High.

Brentwood - Homes for Sale