Rosedale, Austin, TX 78756


Rosedale - Location

Rosedale is one of my favorite Austin neighborhoods and I really miss the stone cottage I used to own on Sinclair Avenue. The best way to get to Rosedale is to take 45th street East from Mopac, then go either North or South on any street between Shoal Creek and Burnet/Medical Parkway. You'll be instantly charmed by the incredibly cute older homes.

Here's a story from my Rosedale past. At the time I had a super friendly cat who loved to get attention from the people walking by. There was a couple with a baby stroller who stopped in front of my house because their baby was crying. They picked the baby up out of the stroller and Spanky the cat jumped right in. It was hilarious! Spanky was a HUGE cat and I think the couple had no idea how to deal with him. I saw the whole thing, called Spanky from the front door and he came running in. Good Kitty! Probably thought he was going to get a treat...

Rosedale - Homes

Rosedale was first developed in the early 1920's. When I lived there my neighbor was one of the original residents and she told me stories about how Austin used to end at 45th street, the roads were dirt and she used to see cows walking down Sinclair avenue. The average Rosedale home has around 1,700 square feet and two bedrooms. There are some "McMansions" sprinkled in with the older more classic cottage style homes, but there's typically some effort on the part of the builders to at least try and match the style (if not the size) of the older homes.

Rosedale - Schools and Amenities

If you're a fan of walking, this would be an ideal neighborhood for you. Ramsey Park and Pool has wide dog-friendly green spaces plus the pool and tennis courts. The ever popular Draught House Pub and Brewery is at the corner of 42nd and Medical Parkway. The Upper Crust is near the intersection of Burnet and 45th street. Central Market is between 38th and 45th on Lamar, and both Burnet and Lamar are vitually lined with shops and restaurants. The neighborhood has access to the Shoal Creek hiking trail which goes all the way downtown. The south part of Rosedale tracks to Bryker Woods Elementary, O'Henry Middle School and McCallum High. The north section tracks Highland Park Elementary, Lamar Middle School and McCallum High.

Rosedale - Homes for Sale